Discoverability and reach..

I get lots of requests to speak on podcasts but I always say “No, thanks.” Turns out that people find this confusing so here’s my explanation why.

Podcasts are greater for podcast listeners, they get access to knowledge and information in a very short space of time. This is to the benefit of the subscribed listener, and for not a lot of effort on their part, they get to maximise their potential information input. That’s smart, productive and efficient and you really can’t argue that point.

Podcasts for contributors are another matter though. As an individual I want to bring as much value as possible to as many people as possible. Or, put another way, I do not wish to provide information to only a few in a format that is not easily indexable or searchable when contributing to something that is for the public domain.

It is nothing other than wanting the very best discoverability, accessibility and potential reach, and that is why I don’t speak on podcasts.